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Every Month our Company enters families just like your own into a Raffle! This month, we put The Wave U.V. Sanitizer up for grabs and we have two winners! For information on how to enter the Monthly Raffle, please: CLICK HERE. You will be redirected to our Contact form. Thank You and Congratulations to our winners:

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Customer Reviews


Carlos F. Winter Garden, FL 2022


My wife and I couldn’t be happier with our GE filtration system. We’re first time home owners and first time filtration system users as well and we have seen how effective these systems are. Everything that was told to us by the sales agent we have witnessed. For us, this has been the best upgrade we made to our home.




Christina A Deltona, FL 2021

Good afternoon,

I wanted to submit. Review for the water filtration system we had installed on 9/13/21 at 1055 Abagail Drive in Deltona.  We are happy with our system. You can drink the water right out of the dispenser from the refrigerator, which, if you live in Deltona, you know cannot be done, even with a filtered refrigerator. We moved from MA to FL just recently and had NO Idea the water here was as bad as it is. The sink water doesn’t smell at all anymore and it no longer leaves stains on the faucet like it use to. Just wanted to express our gratitude, and let you know we are happy with our experience. Thanks again

Nora & Gumaro P.  Port Orange, FL 2020

We had the GE Pro Elite Water System installed for about 2 weeks now. WOW, WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! We just love our system. The tap water is amazing, its even better than bottled water. We have noticed that our hair and skin is so much softer and not dry. This system is the best thing ever. Thank you so much to Elliot that came out to show us the system and test our water. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING. we love our system.

Jessica W.  Daytona Beach,FL 2020

My husband and I had the GE Pro Elite water system installed, and I must say WOW!!!  I noticed a huge difference right away in my skin, my clothes, and my hair.  Not only does the water TASTE amazing, but it makes my skin super soft, my hair has never felt or looked so good, and our clothes and towels are ultra soft when they come out of the dryer!  I am so impressed!  I have been telling everyone at work about how amazing this system is.  I cannot believe I never knew about it before, but I will never go without one again!  Thank you so much!  We absolutely love our Pro Elite system!!!  I cannot say enough good about it.


Jesus G.  Lake Mary,FL  2020

To whom it may concern,

 We recently bought a new home and were going to look into water treatment for the home. There were hard water stains everywhere, and the plumbing was corroded in a lot of locations. I even had to replace the shower and sink piping! Additionally, the water smelled like chlorine and we could smell the chlorine in the dishwasher that we had just bought as well.  We knew something needed to be done but we weren't sure what.

 A representative visited my home and scheduled a presentation for me. The salesman who showed up was very kind and setup his testing equipment. He compared all of our water sources vs his mini water treatment machine's water. Sure enough, our tap water and even our refrigerator's filtered water was bad. To show there was no gimmicks, he also ran the tests on our bottled water. Our bottled water was almost as good as his machine's filtered water. Our refrigerator's filtered water was BARELY better than the tap water! The salesman was very knowledgeable about the system he was selling, and the water in our area. He didn't push for a sale but was genuinely showing us the different the treated water could make. That alone made the entire experience worth it.
After feeling and tasting the difference in the water we decided to take the plunge and buy the GE Pro Elite Analyzer. They also included an under sink Reverse Osmosis system that could further filter the water at the sink. The salesman was able to schedule the install for 2 days from when we purchased the system. The technician that arrived to install the system was very polite and explained what he was going to do. Additionally, he walked me through the operation of the system. That was only 1 step, and it was to fill the container with a specific salt. The install took maybe an hour.
We've been running the system for about 2 weeks, and already we can tell the difference. The water doesn't smell like chlorine. The dishwasher cleans dishes better than before. My fiance's hair is more vibrant, and my skin isn't as dry. We no longer buy bottled water. I use half the soap that I needed to use before to wash my hands or bathe since the now clean water allows the product to work better. All in all it was a great purchase and I would recommend this unit to everyone, if not only to cut down on bottled water, but to just feel healthier overall.



Bobby & Joan P Orlando, FL 2020

We had our system installed after just moving into our new home and are absolutely loving it. I no longer am using harsh chemicals to clean our home. Our bathroom never has any build up on the shower doors or faucets. My husband always raves about how much better his coffee tastes with the Pro Elite installed. We would and are recommending to our friends and family to get their water tested and purchase a Pro Elite system by GE.

​Gina D. St Cloud, FL 2020

Just wanted you to know how much I love my GE Pro Elite. At first I was skeptical about all the things your rep had told me would happen. Now I know how wrong I was.

    I’m spending a lot less time. I don’t have to buy any cleaning supplies because they gave me 5 years of free soap. I don’t buy any bottled water because the RO they put in produces really good tasting water. My hair and skin are so much softer than before and I’ve even noticed how fluffier the laundry is. Towels are so much softer than before. 
   All of these benefits have allowed me more time to do the things I love to do and for that I am eternally grateful. Thanks again Greener Technologies, I will be telling my friends.

​Ron F. & Jean J. Lake Mary, FL 2019

   Shortly afterward we moved into our new home we were invited to a demonstration of our water quality by someone representing the GE Pro Elite Water Conditioning System.  After so much news about Flint MI and other cities with serious water issues, it seemed like a good idea to see what kind of water we had in Lake Mary.  We had already been warned about how hard the water was and had had a loop installed for a water softener while the home was under construction, but with all the expenses of a new home, had thought we might wait awhile to have the water softener installed.  Besides, we had filtered water from our refrigerator and thought that was a good temporary fix for whatever might be wrong with the water.

   Your technician arrived and started his demonstration.  There were things we were expecting, but also many surprises.  We expected the tap water to be hard, but not as hard as it was.  We also expected there to be things in the water that we would prefer not be there, but to see it solidify in the bottom of the vials was rather disturbing.  What was really surprising, was how the filtered refrigerator water was only slightly better than the tap water.

   We have lived in hard water situations before and have seen how much damage can occur to plumbing, and shower heads, and the hard water spots on shower doors, and dishes.  It seemed like perfect sense to protect the plumbing while it was new rather than deal with fixing it later.  So we made the decision to purchase your product.

   Your salesman was informative and knowledgeable and we feel we have made the best investment possible to protect our home and have access to the cleanest and healthiest water available.  We can already notice a difference in the feel of the water when showering and in how spotless our dishes come out of the dish washer.  We look forward to years of clean, drinkable water.  No more stocking up on bottled water.

James K. Lakeland FL 2019

    I’m writing this letter to thank all the people involved at Greener Technologies from start to finish. They were very professional. We are very excited to have good clean treated water with our GE Pro Elite.

   Health to us is the most important aspect of our life and we love the advantages soft water gives us. From our hair and skin there has been a dramatic change in the quality of life from our treated water. We are proud to say Greener Technologies was the best company to work with. 
   Again from start to finish we thank you for your professionalism and are more than happy to spread the word.


Michael & Suzy Y. Winter Garden, FL 2018

    Since having the GE system installed in our home, I have to say we were pleasantly surprised. I was a bit skeptical but decided to go ahead with the purchase because my wife really wanted it. Everything our water tech said is true. Not only does our water taste 100% better but everything we do or cook is so much different. Our clothes and skin are softer, our dishware and flatware sparkle again and the unsightly residue is gone. Thank you Greener Technologies for changing our lives

   I will be sending anyone who asks about it your way!



Candace & David S. Celebration, FL 2017

   Thank you! I should have done this sooner! I cannot believe how much having a system has saved me in the cost of cleaning products and unnecessary home repairs. The Representative that visited my home showed me the differences between Tap water and Clean water and how it effects my budget. I will never again go without having a Pro Elite water treatment system. Cleaning is so much easier and I dont have to lug around cases of Bottled water ever again. A++ Highly recommended



Andrew & Laura M. Apopka, FL 2016

    Since receiving our GE Pro Elite water filtration and osmosis systems from Greener Technologies Inc. we have drastically noticed a change in our water throughout the whole house. Not only have our skin and hair felt more healthy, softer and smooth, but we have noticed our dishes are more clean, there is no water build up from our dishwasher anymore and our glass ware has been significantly shinier without even using any type of finish dish washing additives. We have received several compliments from many of our guests regarding their showering experience and hand washing, telling us how soft their hands and skin feel. We will never go back to buying bottled water! Our osmosis system keeps our water from the dispenser clean and you can certainly taste the difference. A refreshing glass of water from our system certainly quenches your thirst on those hot summer days and you can visibly see the cleanliness of the water being dispensed. We also use this water in our ice trays, so all drinks now taste better! We can also see a visible difference in our laundry. Clothes stay fresher and bright colored for longer and towels smell better for longer as well. We are completely satisfied with our GE Pro Elite and would recommend Greener Technologies to all of our friends. 

Jim & Dianne R. Apopka, FL 2016

    My wife and I had our new Water Treatment System installed recently and was pleased that it was installed so quickly and efficiently. From the young man who scheduled the presentation to Daryl your salesman who gave it. To top it off we were so impressed with the knowledge and skilled ability of Trent the installer. He is a technician who knows his craft to the highest order! All three of these men were very respectable, professional and credible. Your company should be very pleased to have them representing your product.

Larry & Alice B. Davenport, FL Winter Haven 2015

    My husband and I moved to Florida after being here for a couple of weeks we decided we did not like the taste of the water we got out of the tap. In August of the same year we contracted to have the Pro Elite water system by GE put in.

   The gentlemen who sold it to us was very nice and knowledgeable about the product. We decided to purchase the GE system. The system has been installed almost most three months. I can say the water tastes better and is softer. 
   I have just started using the products that came with the system and what I have used I truly like the results   Both my husband and I would recommend purchasing this product to improve the quality of their water.


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