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How the Pro Elite Professional Series Water Treatment System Works

  • Unconditioned water passes through a bed of extremely small resin beads.

  • Undesirable minerals are drawn to the resin beads and attach to the surface.

  • Virtually all undesirable minerals are removed when the water reaches the bottom of the tank.

  • The conditioned water passes up through the riser tube and is distributed throughout the house.

  • Regenerant solution from the regenerant tank is used to recharge the resin beads.

The GE Analyzer Advantage

The exclusive GE Analyzer performs round-the-clock monitoring to determine the need to regenerate the system.

       24/7 MONITORING

  • Automatically adjusts to changing water conditions

  • Ensures a continuous supply of quality water


  • Conductivity cell design is innovative and market proven

  • Superior conductivity with non-corrosive 18-karat gold-plated probes

  • Replaces traditional metered and time clock controls


  • Fewer regeneration and rinse cycles conserve water and regenerant

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